With endless combinations of wicks, wax, containers and scents, candles have become a true expression of design and creativity.

So many great candle great businesses have defined themselves by creating a unique product and brand.

However an often overlooked element of building a distinctive candle is the packaging.

Packaging is an important marketing tool for your brand and if you think outside the square, there are a raft of different ways you can use packaging beyond a protective box.

This article will look at some best in class examples of packaging to generate some of your own candle packaging ideas.

Bon Lux - Using packaging as an extension of their branding

Credit: Bonlux

Bon Lux have designed their packaging in house have used hand illustrations to create a unique interpretation of the ambience and feel that each candle gives.

Simply taking this design and printing it on their package has created a fantastic tie to their candle and brand.

If you are a smaller business and do not have the scale to design your own packaging then simply printing on separate paper can help manage these costs.

The use of hand illustrations and pastel colours worked in Bon Lux’s favour as they were able to print this separate to the packaging.

This may seem obvious but many candle makers have packaging that is completely different to the branding of their candles and this is a missed opportunity.

Thecandlegirlmelb - Building value perception

Credit: Thecandlegirlmelb

It is important to think about the value proposition of the candle, is it an expensive luxury candle? Or a quirky gift? Packaging can help build the perception you create as much as the stall or price.

Above is a good example of creating value in the packaging for a marble candle.

Using a thicker stock and copying the marble texture onto the packaging, Candlegirlmelb was able to extend and even build the value perception of her candle.

Eclectika home - Using the packaging as a medium itself

Credit: Eclectika Home

The label on a candle is a limited medium used for displaying the logo and any important information about the candle.

Eclectika made use of the added space of the package to create illustrations that elaborate on the look and feel of the candle and brand.

The illustrations were created in such a way, that when the boxes are on display in a line, each side paints a consecutive scene of a fox chasing a bee through the bush.

The illustrations were created by local Sydney artist Belinda Barnes and all materials are 100% recycled.

By creating an illustration on the box they have completely transformed a simple brown kraft package to tell a story, drawing people's attention to the candles on display giving them personality.

Black arrow candles - Deconstructing the brand into design elements

Credit: Black Arrow Candles

In collaboration with Think Packaging, Black Arrow Candles was able to create a stunning and well designed gift box to house their candles.

The beauty of design is when you don’t even realise it’s there.

Upon first glance the design feels complete and perfect and upon closer inspection you can see exactly why.

Black Arrow have artfully and subtly tied their brand logo, candle and packaging together by deconstructing the features of an arrow and using this to influence their design.

The candle container bears the shape of an arrow and the wooden wick is trimmed to a point.

The packaging has been altered to create angular lines and the wooden texture is printed on the box symbolising the wooden stem of an arrow.

By breaking down the elements of their logo into shapes, lines, colours and texture they were able to bring their branding through both candle and package in a very unique and creative way.

Rewined Candles & Laboratory Perfumes - It doesn’t have to be a box

Credit: Rewined Candles & Credit: Laboratory Perfumes

Candle packaging does not have to be a cardboard box. It could be a bag or a cylinder and with this comes a raft of options for designs and printing making use of the unique space and medium.

Laboratory Perfumes makes great use of a cylinder package that is simple and contrast to the gift boxes usually used. Most candles are cylindrical so it’s almost natural to have packaging to match.

Using a cloth bag is also an interesting approach as it can be reused and re-purposed similar to the candle containers themselves when burnt properly.

Use a stamp: Thinking outside the square to save on costs

Credit: Credit: Instagram

One alternative to printing is using a custom made stamp to brand products and packaging.

A stamp can be used on multiple package sizes and can avoid the need for custom boxes or printing services which can be expensive.

Key take-aways

When crafting your own candle brand and the packaging that will best suit your product think about the below points to give you a guide and sense of direction.

Use the packaging to extend your branding
- The packaging should reflect the value perception created by the product
- Use packaging as a medium, think about all spaces and sides
- Break your brand down into lines, shapes, colours and textures to influence package design
- It doesn’t have to be a box!
- If you can’t afford printing or custom boxes, try using a stamp


Illustrations and branding

If you want to find illustrations but do not have large budget then try Designcrowd. Simply create an account and use the prompts to write up a brief and proposal for designers around the world. For a much lower cost you can competitively list your design and within 48 hours have multiple designs for review. The beauty of Designcrowd is if you don’t like any of the designs you don’t have to accept them.

For more information on this process watch their video


Candle Packaging Supplies

We sell our own range of candle packaging supplies on our website . However, this is limited as we are in the process of expanding our range.

In the mean-time, I have listed additional resources for candle packaging.

Candle Packaging Boxes

Packaging Queen have a range of white, black and kraft brown candle boxes to choose from.

Cloth Bags

Clayton's are a cloth bag wholesaler. They have a large range of bags with drawstrings, tote bags or calico bags they make custom runs of 1000 tailored to your needs.


Custom Made Stamps sell a wide variety of stamps in different sizes that can be customised to your brand logo or messaging. Upload your logo when placing an order and they will create your custom stamp delivered to your door.