Container candles come in all shapes and sizes, if the container is properly sealed and heat resistant then it can certainly be used to make a soy candle.

If you are making candles for friends and family then the sky is the limit, however if you are selling candles at markets or online, it is important to pick a candle vessel that customers are looking for.

To answer this question I looked across homewares stores, Etsy and Pinterest to identify the most common candle containers used by candle makers and compared this to what customers are interested in.

What we found may surprise you, or even give you some ideas for your next range of soy candles.

What are candle makers currently using?

To understand what markets and local candle makers are selling we surveyed local markets as well as Etsy noting down different candle containers and jars splitting them into seven separate categories.

What we found was not hugely surprising, classic tumbler glasses and danube glasses were a popular choice followed by metal tins.

What are homewares stores stocking?

Taking a similar approach we surveyed the major homewares stores noting down their candle jars and containers against the seven categories, we found they had a much more limited range of candle vessels almost exclusively stocking tumbler or danube glasses.

What are customers interested in?

To gain deeper insight into what customers are interested in, we surveyed major social media websites noting down the most popular pins and posts of soy candles that customers were sharing and talking about.

What we found were a few key trends in candle jars and vessels that stood out from what was being stocked in-store.

While there are some clear new trends and opportunities, not surprisingly, those who sell at markets or online were more closely aligned to key trends and interests of customers. As many personally sell the candles they make, they are much more in touch with new trends and customer needs.

We found there is a strong interest in tumblers, however unexpectedly, danube soy candles were rarely featured in popular posts or pins, instead there was a much higher interest in jars, tins and cement/marble containers.

While it is not fair to say danube glasses aren’t popular it appears social interest is picking up on the growing popularity of different containers for soy candles, particularly glass jars.

Here are my recommendations for candle jars and containers in 2019.


Oxford tumblers appear to be a staple for any candle brand, they are simple and can match the stylings of any room in the home.

While the design is simple you can experiment with different finishes, either a glossy white or a matte black which were heavily featured in new and popular posts.

Tumblers and glasses are a great choice for a base range, feel free to browse our range of oxford tumblers and glasses.

Candle Jars

Glass jars for soy candles are an increasingly popular trend and an opportunity for candle makers to meet an untapped trend.

They appear to be a popular addition to the bathroom or laundry as they resemble cosmetic jars. Amber jars in particular have become very popular across posts featuring in lifestyle shots and new and rising candle brands on social media.

Amber jars and clear glass jars would be my pick as a strong staple for any candle brand looking to do something a little different, you can shop our range of candle glass jars here.

Danube Glasses

Danube glasses are a classic container for soy candles, they make great classic candles but consumer trends indicate these could be declining in popularity in favour of more modern looking candles.

Feel free to browse our range of danube and metro glasses.

Metal Tins

Tins for soy candles are another growing trend in candle making, candle tins are a popular choice in markets and on Etsy, they are usually cheaper than their glass counter-part making them a great cost effective option for customers.

While the classic aluminium tins are a popular choice another emerging trend are the brass and painted metal tins.

These are of higher quality and make a great center piece candle for those looking to style their living room or other feature room in the house.

You can browse through any of our range of metal candle tins ranging from aluminium to brass and copper.

Cement & Marble

Last but not least another popular addition to candle containers are the cement and marble containers, these are a more premium container for higher end luxury candles.

They too make a great statement in a living room or feature room in the house and as a result have started to pop up with in more premium homeware stores.

While these are growing these are not as popular as glasses or tins and as a result I would recommend making these as part of a larger range.

See our range of premium cement and marble containers for candle making.