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Calculating How Much Soy Wax to Use When Making Candles

Part 1 - Working Out the Volume of Your Containers
Part 2 - Calculating the Amount of Soy Wax Required for Your Candles

You have your mould or container selected and you’re ready to start making some candles - but you're not sure how much soy wax you need. This guide will show you everything you need to know about calculating and measuring the soy wax required for your candles.

Part 1 - Working Out the Volume of Your Containers

Method A: Look at the Product Description

Look at the product description to find the volume (mL) disclosed by the manufacturer or supplier of the container.

Most containers will come with an accurate description of the diameter, size and volume of the container (they certainly do here at Crafty Candle Supplies). If this information is available, you can skip ahead and go directly to Part 2.

Method B: Calculate the Volume Using Water

This is an easy and effective method to accurately calculate the volume of your container. This method is especially useful for containers that have an irregular shape.

Step 1: Fill the container or mould with water to the very top.

Step 2: Pour the water from your container or mould into a measuring jug, then round up to the nearest 10ml.

You should now have an accurate calculation of the volume of your container

Method C: Google’s Volume Calculation Tool

If you are buying the container online and it does not have a volume listed, you can use the measurements of the container (if provided) to roughly calculate the internal volume. Use this volume using this tool on google.

Part 2 - Calculating the Amount of Soy Wax Required for Your Candles

How to work out the amount of wax required for a single candle

Once you know the volume of your container, calculating the amount of soy wax required is easy - simply write down the volume of the container and multiply it by 0.77. The factor of 0.77 takes into account the lower density of wax (90%) and having a enough wax to fill your container to 85%. You can experiment to come up with your own ratio that allows you to pour just the right amount of wax to leave space for the wick.

Remember this gives the amount of wax in grams that is required for your candle.

For example:

If you have a 250ml container you would calculate it as follows:

250 x 0.77 = 192.5 grams

250 [ml of the container] x 0.77 [converts mL to grams] = 192.5 [grams of soy wax required]

How to work out the total amount of wax needed for your entire batch of candles

Multiply the amount of soy wax required for a single container by the total number of containers in your batch.

As an example, if I am making 6 candles using 250ml mason jars, then I would calculate as follows:

250 mL [volume of the container] x 0.77 x 6 [total no. of containers] = 1155 grams [or 1.155 kg]

Note: When ordering your wax in bulk (for larger batches), it is best to round up your calculations and order a little bit more wax than you need. Its always better to have a little extra wax, rather than not enough.

As a quick reference, we have created a cheat sheet for calculating soy wax. Feel free to share on your Pinterest, Facebook or email to yourself for future reference.

The Science Behind these Calculations

To explain the reason behind the conversion factor, the benchmark conversion of volume to weight is defined by the properties of water. In other words, 1ml of water weighs exactly 1 gram. This all works because A "kilogram of weight" is defined as the weight of 1L of water.

However, soy wax is slightly less dense than water, so 1kg of wax is equal to 1.1L of wax. To be more precise, soy wax is about 90% the density of water, hence the volume of your containers in milliliters will not equal the grams of wax needed.

In order to work out the amount of wax needed in grams, we take the volume of the container in ml and reduce it by 10% to account for the density of wax, we then further reduce it by 15% (this gives us the factor of 0.77).

This calculation factors in the density differential between water and wax, whilst also accounting for some extra space for the wax to sit lower in the container.

Disclaimer: We have taken every effort to ensure that this guide is as accurate as possible. However Crafty Candle Supplies cannot guarantee or take responsibility for any errors or omissions in this information. Crafty Candle Supplies intends for this information to be used as a guide only and accepts no responsibility for actions or outcomes that are a consequence of using the information above. Please take every safe precaution in the making of candles, or experimentation of the candle making process.

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